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Red Kite Launchpad

Smart Launchpad with AI implementation and DeFi focus.

What is Red Kite?

Red Kite is a top-tier launchpad by PolkaFoundry (now Firebird) that allows investors to participate in pre-sales of carefully chosen Web3 projects.

As part of the PolkaFoundry ecosystem, Red Kite now utilizes the platform’s native $PKF as an utility token. Investors can hold $PKF tokens to join pools on Red Kite and participate in secure and reliable token sale rounds of handpicked projects in crypto.

What makes Red Kite unique?

Red Kite Launchpad offers fairness for all participants with a lane-based swap system, an integrated vesting schedule, a reputation point-based tier-ranking system, and multi-chain support. As a result of recent market disruption, Red Kite now strives to become a pioneering, industry-leading Smart Launchpad with powerful and innovative solutions with the help of AI technologies.

Who is the team behind Red Kite?

PolkaFoundry, a one-stop production hub for DeFi and NFT apps on Polkadot, was established in 2018 and rebranded as Firebird in October, 2022.

Red Kite was built on PolkaFoundry and is powered by Icetea Labs – Asia’s leading Web3 incubator and powerhouse specialized in Web3 development, game discovery, and user engagement.

As a result, Red Kite is able to take advantage of the Icetea ecosystem’s outstanding features while also receiving assistance from technical advisors, influential people, accelerator programs, and other sources.

Red Kite Launchpad Promises To Give Investors A New And Surprising Experience Of An Ordered And Assured Token Sale Process, With:

  • Lane-Based Swap System To Assure Fairness
  • Integrated Vesting Schedule
  • Reputation Point-Based Tier Ranking System
  • Multi-Chain Support
  • Pre-Ordering Services And Refund Tool
Overview: A Cutting-Edge Launchpad
Challenge: Create an IDO launchpad where users can launch their projects and help them shine.
Solution: Collaborating with global enterprises, agreed to use React, NoteJS and Solidity as main technology stacks used for this project.
Key Features:
Market researchIn-depth planningProduct designCoding, Testing
Duration: 12 Months
Team Size: 4
Applied Technologies:
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