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Advance Into The Digital Future Together.

Embark on a transformative journey into the digital realm, where we navigate the landscapes of innovation and embrace future opportunities. Together, let's pioneer a path towards a dynamic and connected world, forging ahead with unwavering determination and visionary thinking.


Bring Vietnamese top-notch software engineers to utilize advanced technologies, innovative solutions to contribute to world transformation.


Our vision is to establish a global presence and become the trusted partner of the world’s leading enterprises in all industries

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About Icetea Software

"Experience The Future Of Innovation With Icetea Software!"
Icetea Software was officially established on March 3, 2023. According to Mr. Luong, CEO of Icetea Software, our mission is to provide real value to our customers by delivering breakthrough technology solutions and optimizing value, while ensuring a dedicated and professional customer service. We focus on key areas such as blockchain technology , artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), security solutions, and mobile application development.

Our core team has been working with blockchain technology since 2017, with experience in researching, developing, and operating a wide range of market-tested products, including layer 1, marketplace, launchpad, wallet, game aggregator, etc. (See the case studies). Having real-life experiences and proven success, we want to contribute ITS values to other Web3 builders, with the purpose of bringing blockchain technology to everyone.

Moreover, not only being a development partner, through continuous support from the ecosystem of Icetea Labs (Our parent company) and our partner network, Icetea Software can also be a lifetime companion for Web3 businesses, from ideation and development to real user engagement. Our ecosystem have a wealth of experience in fundraising, developing, Marketing, launching and building communities.

Icetea Software's lean process and working model are professional, speedy, and suitable for every need. With Icetea Software, businesses can trust that they are working with a team of experts dedicated to their project's success.

Our mission is to boost up customers’ business growth with Agile services and innovative technology.
Our Ecosystem
  • Icetea Software
  • Specializes in providing World- Class IT Outsourcing services

  • Icetea Labs
  • A leading Web3 Venture Builder in Southeast Asia

  • GameFi
  • One-stop destination for web3 gaming, build digital communities and manage virtual economies for mainstream adoption

  • Mirai
  • Focus on game development, specializes in web-2 and web-3 platforms.


Top IDO Platforms

  • Icetea Software was established as a subsidiary focusing on IT Outsourcing.
  • Reached over 500 employees.
  • Delivered over 120 successful projects:web/app/ game development, blockchain, AI & Machine Learning, ERP & CRM, Cloud solutions...
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