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Offshore Development

As a leading software development company in Vietnam, ITS is eager to deliver optimal solutions to the customers.

About Offshore Development The offshore development center (ODC) business model involves outsourcing specific software development tasks or functions to an external organization located in a different country, usually in a region with lower labor costs. ODCs are established as an extension of a company's in-house development team, providing additional resources, expertise, and cost savings. This model is popular for companies aiming for business expansion while maintaining cost-efficiency. It provides access to a skilled pool of developers at a lower cost than hiring in-house employees or outsourcing to local providers. ODCs also offer flexibility in project management and are typically staffed with experienced project managers and quality assurance professionals.
The Software Development Cycle Clients are flexible to compose an offshore development team. It's possible to form a team including any roles within the software development cycle. The number of each role in the offshore team also depends on clients' needs or even though different skill sets for each phase. In other words, offshore development center (ODC) offers staffing solutions for various roles within the software development cycle. Thereby, your companies can quickly scale your team for a particular project or specialized expertise for a specific phase of the development cycle.
Building Your Team
Step 1 Dedicated Team Brief
Requirements We follow closely with clients to define their exact requirements and needs, thereby planning an estimation of human resources and timeline for the project.
Proposal We offer our project proposal including rates, collaboration methods, communication channels, risk management and quality control plan.
Step 2 Candidate Screening
Pre-Selection Client review the proposal and we begin to select suitable candidates that satisfy all defined requirements.
Evaluation After the trial period, the results during the trial will be evaluated and announced to our clients.
Step 3 Onboarding
Offshore Team Formed The offshore team is officially formed and start their work in our Offshore Development Center (ODC)
Step 4 Management And Scaling
Team Management A dedicated team of talented software engineers will work under client's instruction to complete the project. MOR side will manage operation side of this team such as paying salary, recruit new members...
Get Feedback And Upgrade Team We frequently get feedback about offshore team to enhance the quality task and improve performance. Based on your needs, we also adjust and extend your dedicated team.
Key Benefits We connect top developers from around the world with the best startups, scaleups, and large enterprises in the USA and Europe. If you can prove your ability to execute we can be your partner in taking your career to the next level
Full Software Development Life Cycle Support
We are a one-stop shop for embedded software and systems design for developing, testing and maintaining solutions.
Minimize Cost & Risk
Onboarding a dedicated team is a much more cost-effective solution compared to hiring based on hourly rates for a project. With a dedicated team, you have complete control over their availability and can benefit from having access to a valuable resource in an industry where there is a limited supply of quality software developers, particularly in frontend development.
Training And Development
Our area of expertise centers on a selected set of cutting-edge technologies such as Angular, React, Node, and Python, among others, which enable us to deliver exceptional products. We also host industry-leading workshops in Lisbon and send our team members to attend reputable tech conferences for software developers throughout Europe
Concentrate On Business Development
We will take care of the recruitment, payroll, real estate, and operational logistics when constructing dedicated teams of software developers, allowing you to concentrate on your product development, delivery, sales, and overall business strategy.
Discover A World Of Solutions Tailored For You
We're Here To Craft A Custom Solution That Fits You Perfectly.
Blockchain Development
  • Decentralized application
  • Chain L-1, L-2 development
  • Blockchain security auditing service
  • Launchpad development
  • Wallet development
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  • Website development
  • Mobile development
  • Web app development
  • Customized software development
  • QC & testing services
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AI And Machine Learning
  • Generative AI
  • Optical character recognition
  • Computer vision
  • Natural language processing
  • Big data - predictive analysis
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  • Flexible team position
  • Flexible delivery models: remote/on-site/hybrid
  • Easily scale up/down
  • Start intermediately
  • Effective cost
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